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Air Walking Boot - Shell - Tall - Black

Air Walking Boot - Shell - Tall - Black

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Tall Exo Walker Size Chart

High-Top (standard) Low-Top* Size Men's Shoe Women's Shoe
SUP2032XS SUP2033XS X-Small 2-4 3.5-5.5
SUP2032S SUP2033S Small 4.5-7 6-8
SUP2032M SUP2033M Medium 7.5-10.5 8.5-11.5
SUP2032L SUP2033L Large 11-12.5 12-13.5
SUP2032XL SUP2033XL X-Large 13+ 14+

Designed for customizable support, the Coretech 360 Exo Walker is ideal for those who are ready to regain mobility after experiencing soft tissue injuries, sprains, or fractures. Featuring a built-in air pump for customizable compression, this walker boot provides optimal support for the foot and ankle with its rigid exterior and front panel.

Fully adjustable, the closed-toe walker boot includes a removable lining with two repositionable foam pads for additional cushioning and a secure fastening system. Both the short and tall walking boots
rest on non-slip rocker soles to promote a natural gait and are exceptionally lightweight to allow for easy mobility.

What’s Included:
• 1pc 360 Exo Walker Tall/Short
(left or right boot)
• 2 Extra Foam Pads.
• Colors: Black
•Nylon, PP Plastic, Iron Screws, 100% polyes- ter, TPR Rubber Bottom, TPU, EVA Padding. Latex-free.

Foot and ankle conditions that may benefit from motion restriction, such as:

    • Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains
    • Stable foot fractures
    • Tendon or ligamentous sprain During postoperative or rehab phase. If used with the Achilles Wedge Kit, Achilles ruptures can be treated as well.